My Top Favorite Picks at GrabFood Everyday Value Meals

As a busy working and student mom, I feel guilty during busy days since I cannot prepare a good meal for my family. I feel like I am always in the rush with all my work deliverables and school deadline, and I feel bad about this. Good thing GrabFood is to the rescue! In the GrabFood Everyday Value Meals, I get to choose different varieties of food selection with the most affordable price. For as low as 99 pesos I can order my favorite meals anytime and anywhere. This is very helpful and life-saving for me. I don’t need to keep on rushing, I just simply select my food choice for the day and I am good to go.

Kosher Davao

Today, I will share about Davao’s only store that sells kosher-certified products. Kosher Davao’s Logo A lot of people are wondering what is kosher all about and why is it important.  Kosher is another term for “Kashrut” which is the body of Jewish law dealing with the kind of food one can and cannot eat,…