Opening Soon: Ating’s Fried Chicken

I can’t help but share with you guys this thing that I’ve been working on since last year. I have to admit that for few months, I was not able to focus on this one because of my wedding preparation. But now, I cannot wait to finally share with you that Ating’s Fried Chicken (AFC) is finally opening its first store this coming June 2019!!! You heard it right!

Yes, I am so pregnant right now, but this should not stop me from making things possible. I’ve been working on this Enterprise Development Project (EDP) for quite a while and to be honest, this is not just an MBA compliance for me but this is my version of pursuing one’s passion, and that is to be an official entrepreneur. 

I wanted to work on this business as a sole proprietor, but later on,  I decided to partner with two of my MBA classmates to pursue this food business. 

And so, I humbly introduce to you…


More than just a fried chicken!

Our Business

         Ating’s Fried Chicken (AFC) is a food store business that is selling fried chicken in three different flavors: the original, spicy and sweet fried chicken respectively.

         The proponents saw the potential of business opportunity at Brgy. Crossing Bayabas, Toril, Davao City where neighboring public schools are present with no well-established eating place especially for the students. With fried chicken as one of the preferred food for children and teenagers, it was realized that existing fried chicken business only offer the classic variety. In order to enjoy flavored fried chicken, they have to go inside the malls which will cost them money and time. Hence, the idea of bringing flavored friend chicken near their campuses and households nearby.

         Our value propositions are to offer flavorsome fried chicken meals, quick service, accessible location and customer satisfaction. These propositions will be promoted through social media, word of mouth, leaflets distribution, tarpaulins, signage and classroom visits. AFC will interact with the customers on one-on-one basis with its self-service scheme. Moreover, public relations will be strengthened through quick responses to suggestions and surveys. Sales promotional activities and other marketing activities will be employed such as the use of loyalty cards and social media interactions.

         On the other hand, AFC will earn revenue from the propositions through product sales. Procurement, food preparation, inventory, sales, food service and disposal are the strategic activities involved in running the business. People, store, power, communications, equipment, other utilities, sales data, and customer data are key resources of the business. Furthermore, AFC seeks to partner with reputable suppliers preferably within Toril District to supply raw materials and other supplies including the provision of leasable spaces and bookkeeping services. Finally, AFC’s cost structure includes the raw materials, fixed and other assets, labor, taxes, lease expense, communications, printing, waste removal and utilities expense, and inventory.

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