Simple Banana Bread Recipe

Are you bored at home? Why not try to bake a simple banana bread recipe for your family. This might be a good addition to your hobby and at the same time, you can serve a snack for your family. Enjoy!


Prep time

Total time

Oven temp

1 Banana Loaf

10 minutes

60 minutes


2-3 Ripe bananas
2 cups All purpose Flour (about 240 grams)
Dash of Cinnamon
1 teaspoon Baking soda
1/2 teaspoon Salt
1/3 cup Oil (about 72 grams) or melted butter
3/4 cup White sugar (1/2 cup if less sweet, brown sugar will do)
2 Eggs
1 teaspoon Vanilla extract
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1. Preheat your oven and grease your loaf pan.
2. In a large bowl, mix all the dry ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda, salt, and cinnamon.
3. Mix the oil/melted butter, mashed bananas, eggs, and vanilla.
4. Add the dry and wet ingredients using a spatula until well combined. Note: DO NOT OVERMIX
5. Pour the batter in the greased loaf pan then bake.
Serves 1 Loaf
Oven Temp: 180C for 45-55 minutes
Note: If you want your banana bread recipe to be gluten-free, replace the regular flour with a gluten-free baking flour like Bob’s Red Mill GlutenFree flour and you are good to go. 
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