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After 2 years of being stuck at home and attending online classes, the students are now back to face-to-face classes. As a  mom, it is challenging to prepare everything all at once from uniform, meal plan, snack preparation, and budget plan. It is important for me to strategize even in snack preparation just to lessen the workload. I need to prepare something easy that Aryah Zarrah will love and can share with others. I also need to make sure that she is having fun while learning, and that she knows the value of sharing.

That is why I am so happy to know that our favorite Pocky has a Share Pack that she can enjoy and share with her friends. The Pocky Share Pack has 8 sachets per pack with 3 flavors to choose from. These are chocolate, strawberry, and cookies & cream. 

The strawberry flavor is our favorite!


Here are 4 Reasons why you should Share Goodness with Pocky Share Pack:

1. It is Delicious. Kids these days would love to have delicious snacks during their break time. This will surely brighten their mood and even motivate them to go to school. 


2. It is Convenient. As a busy working mom, I need to prepare snacks that are easy and effortless to prepare to save so much time. That is why these Pocky Share Packs are of great help to me. 

3. It is High in Fiber. Nutrition is still on top of my list when it comes to choosing snacks for my daughter. I love that Pocky is not just high in fiber but also tastier and crispier.

4. It is always Fun to Share. The value of sharing is one of the characteristics that I wanted my daughter to learn, with the help of Pocky Share Packs, she gets to share some goodies with her family, classmates, and friends.

What are you waiting for Mommy? Share this best snack with your kids!

Share the goodness of a Share Pack today!

Pocky Share Packs are available on Lazada and Shopee.

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