We are now stuck in our respective homes for more than one year, have we checked our surroundings? Are we happy with how we keep our things? Since we are just at home most of time, we have no excuse to keep things untidy. Here are some simple ways to organize our home.

  1. Proper storage solutions. If you want your home to be clutter-free, make use of storage solutions to keep your things in place. You can make use of utility baskets, boxes and other organizers to arrange your things. This is also a great way to recycle some containers that have been piling in your cabinet for quite some time. Make use of your unused shoe boxes to organize some of your stuff and you will thank your future self.
  1. Make your bed after you wake up in the morning. Despite how busy and in a rush you are, make sure to make your bed before heading out of your bedroom. This will help set the mood of your day and your more organized self.         
  1. Fold your clothes the Konmari way. This folding strategy works wonders. You are able to see all your clothes and it will save you so much time if you are in a hurry to dress up.


  1. Organize and minimize your closet. You can organize your clothes by colors and make use of uniform hangers, this way you can visually minimize the clutter by avoiding too much unrelated colors in the space. Next is let go of the clothes that you are no longer using for quite some time. You can simply donate it or sell it online.


  1. Hide cable wires. Too much wires can make a space so cluttered, therefore think of some ways to hide wires as much as you can. You can make use of a wire molding, artwork and furniture to hide cable wires at home.


  1. Organize your freezer and fridge. Again, simple storage solutions will work wonders. Organize your beef, chicken/poultry, fish and extras by providing separate containers for each category. This way, it would be easier for you to thaw before cooking and there will be less contamination compared to just putting everything directly in the freezer. Same as with your fridge, use affordable organizers to categorize same items.

7. Provide a tumbler for each family member. Are you tired of  washing the dishes because one person is using 5 different glasses a day? Imagine if you are 12 in the family. A simple hack of providing one tumbler to each family member  will save you so much time and effort. 8. Make home for everything and label. You cannot organize your things if you have no home for them. Make sure to assign a designated place or container for all your stuff. This way, it will be easier for you to keep things in place. To make it easier for other family members, label your organizers or containers.


  1. Arrange your books according to color, height or genre. This is an easy way to visually make your book shelves organize and clutter free.

  1. Schedule a cleaning routine. Have a cleaning schedule whether it is daily, weekly or monthly. Whatever works for you as long as you allocate ample time to clean up your space. You can write it in your planner or set a reminder on your phone.    That’s it guys! These are just simple solutions so make sure you start organizing today. I hope this will help you make your house more like home. 
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