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It’s another great day on the island of Samal with my best friend! But you might ask, how to travel light and what are the tips to have a stress -free travel?

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First, when packing your things, you have to consider to bring the stuff that you really need. In my case, I usually bring the following: wallet, cell phone, charger, sunblock, shades, 60 ml of disinfectant alcohol, powder, lipstick, shades, and tissue. If I have all these things, then I am good to go!

Next is, always prepare your stuff, outfit, footwear, and accessories ahead of time. In my case, I usually prepare my things two days ahead of my short travel. I even make a to-bring and to-do list to make sure that I do not miss a thing.


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Lastly, pray for a safe travel. Always believe in the power of prayers and do not forget to set your alarm clock so you can wake up on time. If we travel with a group, let us not put the burden on them by waiting for us for too long.

These are just some of my travel tips! Traveling overseas is another story.

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