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The sun is shining and a day on the island is a perfect getaway!  I and my friends are up for another adventure! And this time, it will be at Samal Mango Haven.

Ever heard of the Kawa Bath at Antique, Rizal, and Tagaytay? It is finally here in Mindanao. Samal Mango Haven is the House of Kawa Bath and the first in Mindanao! It is located at Brgy. Camudmud, Babak District, Island Garden City of Samal.

How to get there?

  • If you are using a personal car/SUV you can proceed to Sasa Wharf, but if you are planning to commute, you can go directly to Sasa 11 Market and ride the lantsa”.
  • When you are already at Babak area, you must turn left when using a car (use Google Maps for it will save the day, just in case you will lose signal, study the map ahead of time and do not hesitate to ask if you are lost), and if you are commuting, ride a motorcycle and just ask the drivers where are you headed. The fare is more or less P50 per head.


Upon arriving…

  • Approach the information area and inform them you made reservations or just walk-in. They will check their records and will ask for the payment of P150 per head or P299 per head with a combo meal.


  • When the payment is done, they will ask you to wait for a while and they will serve your complimentary drinks.

Where to?

  • After obeying your thirst, it is time to tour around the place, so look for the Instagram-worthy spots and ready your cameras. Do not forget to wear your best smiles.


  • The must-try at Samal Mango Haven is the Kawa Hot Bath. It costs P299 for 30 minutes. You can also enjoy their outdoor tub, massage, and other spa services.

Benefits of Kawa Bath:

  • Lowers your body’s stress and strain level – Most adventure seekers enjoy this kawa bath after a few days of adrenalin pumping activities. This hot bath soothes their stressed-out muscle in the body and calms their mind which has enjoyed an adrenal high for a long period of time. Sometimes local herbs are introduced and most people go to sleep when enjoying this bath.
  • Removing toxins from the body – The kawa hot bath enjoys a reputation for removing toxins from your body. This warm water can release endorphins which will make you feel more relaxed. Your muscles would feel relaxed when soaking in the warm water with some relaxing scents from local herbs and flowers added to the water.

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