The Wall Chess Story

Are you a Chess Enthusiast?

Chess is played by millions of people worldwide, and it is considered as a game of strategy and intelligence. 

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One of the goals of this blog site is to value entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity. Above all, it aims to highlight and promote Davao-based entrepreneurs.

So today, I will feature a Chess lover and enthusiast based in Davao city. He is a Hebrew, Researcher, Engineer and an IT Professional.  Genesis Emmanuel Nemenzo Gonzales will share about his passion for chess and how did he come up with an incredible innovation…

 The Wall Chess!


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The Wall Chess Story…

I first encountered the game of Chess when I was still around seven (7) years in this world. One time, my father took me to go to the place of his friend. When we got there, I saw two (2) people sitting down facing each other against a table. It intrigued me and focused my attention on what was on the table. I found out that they were playing a game. I asked my father about it and he said that the name of the game was Chess. I liked it and tried learning it. I was so glad knowing that my father and grandfather knew how to play it. We played so many times until I knew that time flew so fast. I was around eleven (11) years in this world when most of my Chess playmates did not want to play with me anymore. I joined some local competitions just for the challenge. I was satisfied on the various results and started to stay low about it.

Three (3) years ago my passion on Chess reawakened but it’s more about creativity rather than pride. I was trying to come up with an idea on how to make Chess alluring not only to those who love board games, strategy, and quiet time. My goal was to bring the game of Chess to any type of person. Thus, I stumbled upon the concept of the Wall Chess.

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Having a Wall Chess brings people together by appreciating it as a décor, by promoting socialization in an event, by stimulating business transaction, and by relaxing our mind, not by face to face but side by side, together.

Genesis Emmanuel N. Gonzales with chess enthusiast Atty. Jose Dionisio N. Guevarra

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