The Secret Paradise

It was a super hot day when I and my friends decided to go for a day tour at Samal Island. We have totally no idea on where to go and what to do until my friend, EA, shouted Canibad!
Canibad, it is! We went to Sasa Wharf and rode the barge and reached the Secret Paradise Resort. A lot of people were there, together with their families and friends, enjoying the heat of the sun and tasting their sumptuous meal. It was a great day indeed.
We went to a place called “secret paradise”. It is called as such due to the long journey, the rough roads, and the water that is as blue as the sky. It is very calm and cool. If you want to see a perfect sunset, then this place will be the perfect place to be- a paradise!
Photo and Styling by EA
Dress from H&M
Summer hat from Kultura
Later on, we decided to do a dance craze and have a quick pictorial in the place. When it was finally time to go home, we decided to drop by a Food Festival at SM Lanang and I happen to bump into my college friends.
With my College classmates Baian, Joshua and Carlos

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