Garden of Eden


I have been visiting Eden Nature Park every year since 2012. I really find the place perfect to relax, unwind and think. I was able to try their Shuttle Tour, Indiana Jones, Sky Swing, Sky Cycle, Buffet Lunch and Snack, Fishing and Horse Back Riding for the past 6 years. Whether with family or friends, Eden Nature Park is really a good place to be!

This year 2018, I went to Eden with Genesis, Michael, and Gilbert John. We arrived there around 2 PM and had pictorial session near the forest.

Photo by the Great Michael Guillen

We also visited the Butterfly Garden.

We tried their pasta and sandwich for lunch. 

Outfit available at Ahuvi Fashion

Shoes by Keds

The boys had a great time riding the Indiana Jones. 

Michael and Gilbert John tried the Horse Back-riding.

Around 5 PM, we decided to go home since it’s drizzling.

Here are some of my Eden adventures from 2012-2018:


My latest Eden adventure was with my better half.


I had an intimate lunch with some close friends and then shuttle tour.


We celebrated a Japanese holiday at Eden together with my workmates. We tried the Sky Swing and Sky Cycle for the first time! 


Random road trip with a friend.


Floral Day Tour, it was! 


I hosted my friend’s wedding ceremony and reception.


Educational Tour at Eden with people from the Academe!

Eden invites you to take it easy in a private leisure where you can savor quality and intimate moments with family, catch up on your reading or simply sit back and entertain your thoughts.

Beyond street dances, arts and festivals, Tinubdan present a window to take a peek of the lives lived by our Mindanaon ancestors. Tinubdan gives you an entirely new appreciation of cultural treasures.

Food found in abundant flavors in the careful preparation of natural fresh raw ingredients, in the specialties of this extraordinary marriage between local and international recipes.

Embrace each other amidst the luxury of romantic balcony rooms, feel miles away from all your daily worries and cherish time with the one you love.

Experience it all at Eden!

You may contact Eden Nature Park here:

Address: Brgy. Eden, Toril, Davao City

Contact Numbers

Day Tour Center: (082) 286-0383

Front Office: (082) 286-0385

Resort Hours

Mondays – Sundays from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

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