Inside Me Beats Two Hearts For You

Last year, I and my husband were too busy for our wedding preparation, from our prenup session, series of meetings, and preparing our Jewish wedding program and the like. After that, we were so happy to finally reach our honeymoon stage, and we were both excited to finally have a break! We went to Bali, Indonesia, spent few days in Makati, and nature trip in Bohol. 

One month after that, I was wondering why I  missed my period. I did not tell my husband right away because I wanted to be sure first about what is going on, and so I did my first pregnancy test and it showed me two lines, however, the second line was a bit lighter than the other one. I was thinking that perhaps I just missed my period, so don’t freak out, Faith. Haha!

Few days have passed, but still, no period. I decided to finally inform my husband about it and we went to the hospital first hour in the morning to do further tests and confirm everything. And, after few hours of waiting for the result, it is… positive. We can’t help but rejoice and so we recited the Shema Yisrael Berakah (Prayer) immediately. Baruch HaShem (Blessed be the Name)! 

Shalom, Abba and Imma. Can’t wait to see you both!


Now, here are some pics during our first maternity shoot. 

Inside me, beats two hearts for you…

Genesis and I wanted to have a baby right away. This is such a blessing! 

Special Thanks to Jet Debolgado Photography 



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