American Genius: Mac or Windows

The short documentary about the  American Genius sets a good example of Creativity and Innovation. As a loyal Apple user, it made me appreciate more the values, principles, and work ethics being portrayed in the documentary. It made me admire Steve Jobs more. Yes, there are lots of Microsoft users worldwide, but it cannot beat the class, design, and power of apple products.

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The men behind Microsoft and Mac are worth reflecting and comparing. Their effort to create and innovate helped the technology world to breakthrough. The process they have been through were not easy and they even face their challenges in different perspectives but they stood still and work hard for the things they truly believed in that they can do.

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Both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were passionate about their work and they give it all in everything that they do. They are both driven, talented, skilled, and focused. However, Bill Gates lack the value of patience. He was too aggressive in such a way that he is willing to steal other’s work for the sake of self-interest. He wants immediate results, and he does not mind whatever it takes to get such result as long as it will give him positive feedback.

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Steve Jobs, in another side of his world, had been through ups and down but he was not just patient to others, but he learned to be patient with himself in the first place.

Being creative and innovative takes time, effort, money, and patience. It does not happen over night. People in the corporate world or whatever industry they are in should learn that technical skills are not enough. It also takes a lot of organizational values to cope up with the challenges and getting the desired results. It is not bad to be profit-oriented but being service-oriented should come first.

There is no such thing as instant success! Bill Gates and Steve Jobs were successful in creating, not just programs and softwares, but also revolutionary computers that changed the whole world. Yes, we can always compare Microsoft/Windows and Apple/Mackintosh, but the bottom line is, we should not give up on what we think are workable and possible. We should set standards, goal, deadline, but we should not forget to be patient and accept that challenges and failure are part of the process. We should just learn from our mistakes, be honest with ourselves and the things that we can do.

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