Things to do in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Things to do in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Kuta is one of the must-visit places in Bali. It is the home of the famous Kuta Beach with a marvelous coastline, and the beachfront is composed of several resorts and restaurants.

If you are up for shopping then you can always check their local markets and shopping malls that provide a wide array of souvenirs, food, and other stuff. Also, if you are fond of beaches, food, surfing, swimming and the like, then Kuta is the place to be!

Here are some of the things you can do in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia:

  1. Go Surfing at Kuta Beach

The locals will surely welcome every tourist and invite for a surfing lesson. If you like surfing, then you will surely love the waves at Kuta beach.

  1. Go for a swim at any Kuta Beach Resort

The beachfront is composed of several resorts and restaurants. I and my husband decided to have dinner at Anvaya Resort. You just have to pay for the food and then you get to enjoy swimming in the pool area, and also the beach.


  1. Enjoy the Amazing Sunset

I just love sunrise and sunsets. You can go to the beach early or before sundown to witness the amazing sunrise or sunset. Make sure to start walking in the shore earlier to experience the marvelous sun.

  1. Shop for Rattan Bags

In case you cannot make it to Ubud, Bali, no worries because Kuta has a lot of local markets that sell the famous rattan bag in all shapes, sizes, style, and colors. To die for! Also, we decided to buy some rattan bags as pasalubongs for our family.


  1. Buy Souvenir Bali T-shirts, key chains, and ref magnets

In all my trips, both local and abroad, I always make sure that I have ref magnets as souvenirs. I simply love it because it is not a bulky souvenir for your family and friends. 

  1. Avail Breakfast Buffet

Kuta is indeed a tourist destination, so you will really expect a lot of foreigners in the area. Next is, there are different restaurants that serve different cuisines. We’ve tried the Balinese Pizza, American Chicken, and what I love about our food trip was that we were able to try Breakfast Buffet at a very reasonable price, not to mention that,  these are all just walking distance from our Airbnb.

  1. Drink Fanta

I can still remember my elementary classmate, Ebo Kevin, he always calls me “Fanta” instead of Faith because he knew I love the Fanta drink so much! When I reached Bali, I was so happy to notice that there’s Fanta everywhere! Make sure to drink Fanta when you are in Bali since you cannot avail this drink in Davao these days (not really sure with other places in the Philippines).

  1. Have a refreshing body massage

During our entire trip, we always walk to be able to appreciate the place and to stop by when necessary. Therefore, we sometimes end the day with an aching foot and body, and so a refreshing body massage is always a good idea!


  1. Talk to your host and to other locals

In my case, I get to talk to our Airbnb host about their culture and what I really admired about our discussion was that their people are really into business, may it be a sari-sari store or Airbnb business. They also love to pray, eat, and work.

I and my husband at Anvaya Beach Resort. 

Dinner at Coco Bistro, an International Restaurant, where we tried the Balinese Pizza


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