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Today, I will share about Davao’s only store that sells kosher-certified products.

Kosher Davao’s Logo

A lot of people are wondering what is kosher all about and why is it important. 

Kosher is another term for “Kashrut” which is the body of Jewish law dealing with the kind of food one can and cannot eat, and it also deals with the process of food preparation. The word kosher has come from the Hebrew word Kaph-Shin-Resh that means fit, proper, or correct. Rabbi, the leader of the Jewish congregation, is the qualified person who can expound and apply Jewish law of kosher. In today’s time of processed food, it is difficult to know what ingredients are in your food and what process has been used in the preparation of food.

In the Kosher system, foods are classified as being either “dairy,” “meat” or “neutral” (neither dairy nor meat). Foods that meet the Kosher dietary laws are labeled with one of the Kosher symbols. You can usually find these symbols in small type on the bottom front of the package. Kosher foods that contain dairy products usually contain a “D” or the word “Dairy” after the Kosher symbol. Kosher foods that are processed on “dairy equipment” (i.e., equipment that is also currently used to process items which contain dairy or that has been used in the past to process dairy products and has not undergone a proper cleaning process since then) may have a “D” or “DE” after the Kosher symbol. From the food allergy perspective, these foods may be cross-contaminated with dairy ingredients. Kosher foods that are considered neutral (i.e. not “dairy” or “meat”) have the word “Pareve” or “Parve” after the Kosher symbol. Note: under Kosher laws, fish is considered to be “neutral”.

Now that you have the knowledge about Kosher, allow me to share about Kosher Davaothe only store in Davao City that sells kosher-certified products.

Kosher Davao Products

In a Jewish community found last 5765 in Davao city, its people had difficulty looking for ready-to-eat Kosher-certified products and ingredients because of their meticulous nature. In 5778, two of them namely, Genesis Emmanuel N. Gonzales and Faith D. Meñoza, helped in addressing that particular concern by looking for it from different locations including areas outside Davao city. They put up a storage area and supplied their Jewish community in the city. In order for them to sustain the inevitable expenses accompanied in continuing it, they managed to turn it into a business and also opened it to people outside their Jewish community.

The business is inspired by the tagline, 

“You are what you choose, buy Kosher!”

If it is your first time to visit the store, you can go to Cuber 2.0 McArthur Highway, Matina Davao City, the shop is located in front of Ateneo Grade School and few steps away from Malayan Colleges of Mindanao. 




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