Introducing Honouree Social Network

The Honouree social network is the founding project which the Honouree team, a blockchain-based service provider, is extremely excited to announce. Users will be able to post and potentially be given honourarium by other users.

In addition, users will have the opportunity to own Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that will be utilized in various services of the system to have the possibility of being furtherly given more honourarium. The users will have true ownership of the digital items they will have like the NFTs.

Other than that, a feature called Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) will give users voting rights over many aspects of the platform. Thus, the Honouree team will provide a user-friendly blockchain experience for its users.

The team is also equally excited to announce that when the Honouree social network is established, the next service that will be provided within the system will be the Honouree Story Project. Watchers will be able to contribute to how the story unfolds and be given even more honourarium. More features will be later discussed making the watchers very engaged.

The Honouree team will look for many partnerships in this particular service. This will be very enticing to existing brands as it will give them more exposure to the user base.

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