Have Faith in Genesis: The Jewish Wedding

Faith and Genesis Emmanuel

Jewish Wedding

The View, Magtuod, Davao City, Philippines

30th of Tishrei 5779 – 1st of Chesvan 5779 (09 October, 2018)

The 30th of Tishrei 5779 – 1st of Chesvan 5779 (09 October, 2018) was a memorable day for me and my husband Genesis Emmanuel. We had our covenant union in front of our families, chosen witnesses, and close friends. It was truly a day we will never forget.

We started to prepare for our wedding day by looking for a reliable event planner. Our friend, Michael Guillen recommended us Special Creations. We then approached the owner, Neil Patrick de Guzman, and discussed that we wanted a Jewish wedding. At first, he was surprised because it will be the first time that he will organize such an event. He asked me about the theme, motif, and food. If you know me, I am really in love with anything classic- more on the simple but elegant style or look. So for the theme, we had classic and that goes perfectly in a traditional Jewish wedding which has the black and white motif respectively. For the food, it was a bit challenging to look for a Kosher caterer here in Davao, so we stick to the kosher-style menu. Our planner helped us in looking for a caterer who can prepare us Non-Dairy Buffet. Thanks to Sir Jake Balili of DDJ Kainan for helping us with our menu.

Tip: When choosing your event stylist, make sure you get along well so that you can plan the most out of it. When it comes to choosing your theme and motif, think best of what you wanted to happen and check Pinterest or other helpful sites for some wedding inspirations. 

Since we had planners and coordinators, we entrusted to them most of the preparation, but Genesis and I really wanted to get involved with the preparation too, so we take charge of the other major stuff such as the preparation of our Tenaim and Ketubah, Program, Jewish songs, souvenir, and looking for our trusted hosts and soundman.

A Ketubah is a special type of Jewish prenuptial agreement. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation to the bride.


The Groom


The Bride

Bride’s Family

Team Bride

Groom’s Family

Team Groom

Wedding Details 

Day 2

My family hosted a wedding lunch reception the day after our wedding.

Toda raba! 

Wedding Suppliers

Event Planning & Styling: Special Creations 
Coordination: Julie Palma Decinilla, Julie Vi Decinilla and Raymond Muldez Aries 
Bridesmaids Gowns: Special Creations 
Groomsmen Suits: Kenneth Sumayo
Photo & Video: Michael Creations Photography 
Preparation Venue: Marco Polo
Ceremony and Reception Venue: The View
Officiant: YHWH Worshippers Bro. Gilbert Meñoza
Photobooth: EleMore Photobooth 
Cake: Jasmine Sweetdeli
Mug Souvenir: Obra Tzalamin
Wine Souvenir: Styled by Ahuvi Fashion
Sparkling Grape: Kosher Davao
AVP 1 & 2: Ifandthen Studio
Kosher Style Buffet: DDJ Kainan 
Cocktails: Crates & Plates
Manpower Food: Silver Trays
Invitation: Artisan Business Center
Personalized Cards: Mitsubishi Photo Imaging
Feature: SunStar Davao Lifestyle page by Jennie Arado
Hosts: Enecho Meñoza and Shalom Lopez Mansilagan
Soundman: Reyn Jison
Jewish Songs: Yossi Azulay יוסי אזולאי 
Wedding Rings: Judaicawebstore.com
Groom’s Kittel: J. Levine Books and Judaica
Bride’s Robe: Team Bride by Junessa Rangas
Bonsai Decor: Meñoza Garden
Hair & Make-Up: Jhunex Dasillo & Sarah Gee
Lights: DeeGee Soundsandlights

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