The Famous Rattan Bag

I’ve been seeing a round shaped, woven rattan bag all over Instagram and Pinterest since 2017. When I googled it, I found out that the bag is from Bali, Indonesia and just wow the price is quite expensive for a small summer bag!

Rattan Bags

Photo from Gypsea Doll Facebook

I never gave up and looked for the best deal. When I checked some shops online, I noticed that the price differs and one aspect that contributes to such is the location of the seller or supplier. Since I am Davao based, I started looking for Davao based Rattan bags suppliers, and to avoid paying for the shipping fee, I opened myself for a meet-up.

Then I happen to contact Gypsea Doll on Facebook, it is a Davao-based seller of Rattan Bags from Bali. I was so happy because the price was negotiable and the seller was approachable, not to mention pretty too!

Pair of Rattan BagsI chose the Rattan Bag with Flower weave and strap leather!

Photo from Gypsea Doll Facebook

We decided to meet near my place and she even gave me a discount. I was so happy because the transaction was smooth. I highly recommend Gypsea Doll!

Rattan Bag Model

Dress from Ahuvi Fashion

Rattan Bag from Gypsea Doll

Footwear from So Fab

There are still a lot of Rattan bags sellers in Davao. What is the most important thing to do is that you do research first, and that includes, price check, location consideration, seller’s review and reliability, and of course the quality!

So girls, learn to love yourself! Always look for the best offer because, at the end of the day, you always deserve the best! Enjoy shopping and continue to support Davao Online Sellers!

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